5 Videos to Educate You About EonCoat

5 Videos to Educate You About EonCoat

Corrosion is the primary enemy of many industries, and EonCoat works to prevent corrosion through its patented, dual-layer system.

How does it work and what makes it more effective than other coatings on the market? These six videos will show you how EonCoat can protect your organization’s essential carbon steel assets both in the short-term and the long-term.

Corrosion Prevention

The most significant benefit of EonCoat is its ability to protect carbon steel tanks, machinery, equipment, pipelines, and other assets from corrosion.

Traditional polymer coatings require constant reapplication and maintenance, while only providing a temporary barrier to moisture — a barrier that can be easily breached with a simple scratch. EonCoat, on the other hand, revolutionizes corrosion protection by chemically bonding with the steel substrate. EonCoat becomes part of the steel itself, to protect your assets for decades.

See the below video for an introduction to the amazing corrosion prevention qualities of EonCoat.

The Science Behind EonCoat

To understand why EonCoat is so effective in combating corrosion, it is important to first understand why corrosion occurs.

Corrosion occurs because steel atoms lose charge as they transmit electrical current and bond with oxygen. If, however, steel is given something else to bond with, such as phosphate or silicate, oxygen will not react with the steel, therefore preventing corrosion. Though many primers and paints come with added phosphate and silicate, they don’t contain enough inhibitors to ensure long-lasting protection.

EonCoat is different by design. An iron phosphate alloy layer chemically bonds with the steel to provide the first layer of protection. A phosphate ceramic layer on top of that provides a unique second level of protection; this ceramic layer is 20 mils thick, and leaches phosphate to re-alloy the steel as necessary.

Watch this video for an illustration of how EonCoat’s unique science works.

Faster, Safer, Greener Service

While its core purpose is to prevent corrosion, EonCoat offers other benefits — namely, that it’s faster to apply and safer to work with than traditional anti-corrosion coatings.

Unlike traditional primers, EonCoat only requires a basic commercial blast of the steel it will be applied to. Significant time and money is saved because the surface preparation does not have to result in a white or near white metal blast.

Because EonCoat cures in minutes, technicians can often complete the application and have the asset back in service within an hour.

Part A and part B of EonCoat’s dual component formula are mixed in a dual component spray gun for easy and fast application. EonCoat only requires a single application, with no need for an additional primer. Waiting hours, or even days, for coatings to dry will no longer be a concern.

Unlike many paints and coatings, EonCoat’s water based formula doesn’t contain any volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), or toxins— making it more than just the cost-effective choice, but also the environmentally safer alternative to traditional coatings.

The video below provides eye-catching testimony to EonCoat’s quick drying time.

Fire Prevention

As a totally inorganic compound, EonCoat has a flame spread rating of zero.

Unlike traditional polymer coatings, which will actively contribute to the spread of a fire throughout a structure, EonCoat doesn’t burn. Unless the substrate beneath it ignites first, an EonCoat-protected surface exposed directly to a flame will not catch on fire.

The two videos below illustrate the significant differences in fire prevention between EonCoat and other leading brands of coating.

The Best Protection Around

EonCoat is built to withstand salt air, fire, and moisture, making it an essential part of any corrosion protection strategy. Its simple, one-time application coupled with its self-healing ability provides long-term protection against corrosion without recurring costs or equipment downtime. Thanks to the patented dual-layer system, EonCoat allows organizations to protect their carbon steel assets in a cost-effective, efficient, and long-lasting manner.

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