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EonCoat is a plural component system that must be applied at a 1:1 ratio. The two components of EonCoat are referred to as Part A and Part B. The ratio application and the use of our specified equipment are part of what makes EonCoat safe for the environment and the applicator.

For high-volume applications, we recommend the use of a high-pressure plural pump with stainless steel lowers. EonCoat reacts chemically to carbon steel, and therefore, makes the stainless steel lowers critical. We define high volume as large projects like storage tanks, pipelines, structural steel, or offshore platforms (just to name a few). For this high-volume setup, EonCoat is sold by the gallon, in 9-gallon kits (4.5 gallons of Part A and 4.5 gallons of Part B).

The second application method is the dual-component cartridge spray gun. This method is ideal for small or touch-up jobs. The price point for this application is significantly less. Many applicators find this method easy after simply watching our youtube video featured below.

For the smaller, spray gun method, EonCoat products are sold in 600 ml (300 ml Part A and 300 ml Part B) cartridges.

To learn more, you may click the “Download Guide” buttons below.  Additionally, we have linked some of our most popular YouTube videos so you can see the process.

High-Pressure Plural Pump with SS Lowers

This setup is meant for high-volume applications like storage tanks, steel structures, pipelines, and more. Click the button below to download the Equipment Specification Guide for this setup. 

Dual-Component Cartridge Spray Gun 

This setup is meant for low-volume applications like touch-ups, small equipment, demonstrations, etc. Click the button below to Download the Equipment Specification Guide for this setup. 

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