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Corrosion Mitigation and Prevention Services by EonCoat

Return Your Assets to Service Faster

EonCoat’s team of Corrosion Experts is able to provide complete turnkey services. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Turnkey Services Save Time and Money

At EonCoat, our goal is to complete your coating project on time and within your budget.

Global Team of Corrosion Experts

Do you have corrosion on your carbon steel asset? Let our team of experts find you the best solution.

From Flash Rust to Permanently Protected

Turnkey Services Give You Options

EonCoat’s turnkey services help you stay on track and budget–saving you time, money, and asset downtime. How much more will you accomplish when EonCoat returns your asset to service faster than you ever expected?

In-House Application

You ship it, and we coat it.

  • Keep your team focused on your business
  • Trial a protected asset for minimal investment
  • Avoid the purchase of equipment
  • Experience regular progress updates
  • Utilize EonCoat’s expertise in chemistry, engineering, and application
  • Remove surface preparation off your to-do list
  • Receive your asset returned in a deployment-ready state
  • Continuous Quality Monitoring throughout the entire process
  • Relax knowing we treat your asset like it’s our own

Well, almost anything, so let’s talk. We’ve coated some amazing carbon steel assets from a variety of industries.

Field Application Services

Leverage our team of experts

  • We arrive on time and stay on schedule.
  • Avoid the purchase of equipment
  • Keep your team focused on your business
  • Protect an asset that’s immobile or multiple large assets
  • Engage in daily progress updates
  • Utilize EonCoat’s expertise in chemistry, engineering, and application
  • Remove surface preparation off your to-do list
  • Return your asset to service quickly
  • Relax knowing EonCoat will adhere to your safety and cultural standards

Larger assets or multiple assets at the same worksite. Our team of corrosion experts will handle the entire project from start to finish.

Become EonCoat Certified

Skill acquisition

  • Offering In-Person and Virtual formats
  • Demonstrate the new skill with instant feedback
  • Move along the learning curve quickly
  • Practice with your equipment at your site or learn at our site
  • Learn Continuous Quality Improvement for the application
  • Record the training for future playback
  • Practice all safety standards
  • Complete the application project on your schedule
  • Display your certification as a value-added benefit

Companies with ongoing coating projects, or those looking to expand their corrosion prevention services.

EonCoat’s Services –Service Excellence Sets Us Apart

What makes EonCoat’s corrosion prevention services different?

EonCoat’s three services are in response to perpetual customer requests. The EonCoat Certified Applicator training sees enormous success with a small investment of time. An In-House Application is the choice for many looking for the proverbial “easy button.” Finally, our Field Application Services allow EonCoat to do the heavy lifting on an application project while you focus on other pressing matters.

You ship it, and we coat it. It’s that easy!

EonCoat In-House Applications

You ship it, and we do all the work. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Let us do the heavy lifting while sending you regular progress updates. We’ll treat your asset like it’s our own.

Got corrosion? We have solutions!

Field Application Services by EonCoat

Do you have large assets? Let us bring the equipment, the product, and the donuts! We show up with our sleeves already rolled up to start work. We take care of everything from surface preparation to cleaning the site when we finish.

Certify your team as EonCoat Certified Applicators

Become a Certified EonCoat Applicator

Whether Virtual or In-Person, your team benefits from learning the correct technique and new skills from seasoned professionals. Many companies select this as a value-added benefit for future corrosion prevention projects and bids.

Download our Free E-Book and Crash Course!

Do you want to become an expert on all things EonCoat? Download our Free E-Book and Crash Course to learn how EonCoat will save you time and money while permanently protecting your carbon steel assets from corrosion. You will receive one email daily over the course of five days, making it easy to learn at your own pace.

In this Free E-Book and Crash Course, you’ll learn:

  • How EonCoat works.
  • How safe is EonCoat?
  • What are the cost benefits of Eoncoat?
  • Who is currently using EonCoat?
  • How is EonCoat Applied?

Do you need help determining which service is the best option for your carbon steel asset?

Speak with a Corrosion Expert today!