Top 3 Significant Health and Safety Benefits for using EonCoat

As the paint and coatings industry strives toward a greener tomorrow, more people are paying attention to the potential health risks associated with the application of common coatings. Compounds that can harm workers’ health no longer need to be tolerated as an inescapable part of the business, thanks to innovations like EonCoat.

EonCoat carries with it three significant health and safety benefits:

1. No VOCs or HAPs

The negative health effects of popular coatings are well-documented, including the hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are emitted when they are applied. These VOCs are known to cause a variety of health concerns that put workers at risks, such as headaches, nausea, respiratory issues, eye irritation, kidney damage, and even cancer. Improving the formulation of coatings will further amplify health and safety benefits to workers in industrial sectors.

EonCoat is ahead of the curve in this respect. It contains zero HAPS, VOCs, carcinogens, or other air pollutants. A detailed test performed by Columbia Analytical Services checked for the presence of potentially harmful chemicals, including benzene, styrene, vinyl chloride, acetone, xylene, toluene, and trichloroethene, and the resulting report showed that none of these compounds were found. For this reason, EonCoat can be applied directly to carbon steel with a standard industrial pump system and a plural (2K) spray gun without putting employee health at risk. VOCs can cause serious long-term and chronic issues to employees in these environments, and using products like EonCoat will keep workers healthier, happier, and more productive.

2. Resistance to Fire

The National Fire Protection Agency reports that 37,000 fires occur annually at industrial or manufacturing properties, resulting in $1 billion in direct property damage, hundreds of injuries, and numerous deaths every year. Minimizing the risk of fire in workplaces and on job sites is of paramount importance in industrial and manufacturing settings.

EonCoat has a flame spread rating of zero. Because it is completely inorganic, it cannot burn. Many leading coatings are organic and cannot provide this level of protection. Unless the substrate behind the EonCoat-protected surface ignites from heat, even direct flame will not cause combustion to the coating.

Watch this video to see the striking difference when a fire is set in both a structure treated with EonCoat and another treated with a leading anti-corrosive coating.

3. Fewer Emissions

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that more than four million pounds of chemicals are released into the air each year as a result of paint use, with another 1.3 million pounds thrown away as waste products. EonCoat produces none of these. Furthermore, each gallon of EonCoat produces only one-tenth the amount of carbon dioxide as conventional paint during manufacturing.

The good news is that the paint and coatings industry in America has made great progress in reducing its negative impact on the health of the country. The American Coatings Association reported that total production waste has been cut nearly in half since 1995 while recycling of that waste has increased 81% during the same period.

EonCoat’s unique design can benefit the health of workers and of the environment. And all of these benefits are in addition to the proven effectiveness of EonCoat in preventing corrosion.

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