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EonCoat: Prioritizing Health, Environment, and Effective Corrosion Prevention

Choosing EonCoat

In the realm of industrial coatings—where epoxy, zinc primers, urethane, and thermal sprayed aluminum reign supreme—we often find ourselves in a tricky balancing act. These materials are integral to enhancing the durability, resistance, and appearance of countless surfaces. Yet, they bear a burden of potential health and environmental issues that cannot be ignored. 

The Hidden Costs of Traditional Industrial Coatings 

Hidden Costs of Traditional Industrial Coatings

The application of traditional coatings such as epoxy and urethane often involves the release of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Exposure to these VOCs can lead to various health issues, from headaches and skin irritation to more serious conditions such as liver damage and even cancer. 

Polyurethane coatings come with their own perils in the form of isocyanates, which are known to cause skin irritation, chest tightness, and breathing difficulties. Long-term exposure can even result in sensitization and asthma. 

Furthermore, older industrial coatings may contain toxic metals like lead, chromium, or cadmium. These substances can cause severe health effects, including neurological damage and cancer. The health risks to professionals applying these coatings are considerable and concerning. 

A Toll on Our Planet 

Traditional Coatings are taking a toll on our planet

Our environment, too, pays a steep price for these traditional coatings. VOCs contribute to air pollution, aiding the formation of harmful ground-level ozone or smog. The disposal of unused coatings and cleanup materials can contaminate our water and soil if not properly managed. Furthermore, the production process of these coatings often involves significant energy and resource consumption, contributing to environmental degradation. In some instances, spills and improper disposal can disrupt local ecosystems, endangering the plants and animals that call them home. 

EonCoat: A Safe, Sustainable, and Superior Solution

EonCoat Cartridges

In light of these pressing issues, a change in our approach is not just desirable—it’s necessary. That’s where EonCoat comes in. With EonCoat, we offer a corrosion-resistant coating that not only outperforms traditional coatings but also prioritizes the health of professionals applying it and our environment. 

EonCoat is a waterborne, ceramic, corrosion-resistant coating that contains NO VOCs, NO HAPs, and NO Toxins of any kind. This makes it safe for the professionals applying it, sparing them from the health hazards associated with conventional coatings. Furthermore, it contributes to cleaner air by not releasing harmful pollutants. 

EonCoat also respects our environment. It was listed as one of the “Top 10 Green Building Products of 2012” by BuildingGreen, reflecting its commitment to sustainability. 

Not only does EonCoat safeguard our health and environment it also provides superior corrosion protection—a happy bonus in our journey toward safer and more responsible choices. It reacts with and stabilizes the surface of metals, then builds a ceramic surface on top of that layer, providing excellent protection against corrosion. In fact, NASA has even rated it as one of the world’s best corrosion protection coatings. 

A Call to Action

EonCoat Corrosion Prevention

Our health, our environment, and our future should not be the cost of corrosion protection. With EonCoat, we don’t have to compromise. It’s a step towards a safer, healthier, and more sustainable way of doing things. 

As we move forward, let’s not forget: the choices we make today will shape our tomorrow. Let’s choose wisely. Let’s choose EonCoat.

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