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Results of Ultrasonics Testing Performed on EonCoat in Australia

We know we have very superior corrosion resistant technology that can withstand some pretty brutal environments. We know, because we are continually testing EonCoat. But it’s even more rewarding when companies put our coating through their own testing process and we pass with flying colors.

We sent off a sample to RFT Marine in South Australia a few months ago. As a result of their testing, they voted for us for the MP Readers’ Choice Corrosion Innovation of the Year Award, and sent us a short sample of their findings from the tests. Clearly, they went through some effort to, in their words, “destroy” EonCoat and it “survived where all others failed.”  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Here’s what they had to say:

  “I received samples of EonCoat & tested with ultrasonics for anti-fouling, could not fault over 90 days. I welded one side to simulate welding inside the hull, slight discoloration with no loss of integrity. I then subjected a sample to a drop hammer (12 tonne impact to simulate a collision resulted in a slight cracking, I then used a press to bend a sample and cracks appeared after a bend of 21 degrees. For the project I have planned I needed a coating to withstand everything it could encounter so I tried to destroy the product and failed, Eoncoat survived where all the others failed.” Kerry – Australia

I had welded the sample to 500mm of steel before the bend test. The drop hammer test was not steel on steel but a piece of timber 2cm laid on your sample, I believe it was a fair test. Kerry

We send out samples to companies all around the world. So far, EonCoat has proven to be as effective in testing environments off-site as it has been here in our testing facilities.

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