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The First Day With EonCoat Corrosion Protection Coating for Corrosion Solutions Unlimited

(The author, Joe Cucci, is the CEO of Corrosion Solutions Unlimited)

The Big Day

Yesterday, was a big day for us here at Corrosion Solutions Unlimited (CSU). Around 11:00 a.m. we received our order of EonCoat with the Pondorf Spray Gun. Like any new product, when it arrived, it was like opening a Christmas present and after successfully coating our first project, we are happy.

As with a new toy, we needed to get our hands on it and I’d like to share our experience.

We knew the way we approached our first coating experience was critical. We wanted to take advantage of EonCoat’s alloying properties so we chose to apply it to the machine surfaces rather than tape. Taping can become tedious, and EonCoat has the ability to be scraped off easily. If you catch it in its very early curing state.

We needed to keep an eye on the mix ratio. In other words, mix an equal amount of the product at the Pondorf’s mixing head. Monitoring the mix ratio, fast curing, and pressure build-up in the Pondorf is something you need to pay attention to and I believe our experience may help.

Excited about our new toy we made our first mistake by not reading notes nor remembering Robert’s tip about the Pondorf product stream Fall Off of 3-4 in prior to air atomization.


We set the recommended flow rate and air pressure and started to coat. We had too much flow which had me moving too fast and poor atomization.

It didn’t take long for us to notice we were too far off on mixing ratios. We still had a good temperature rise and fast curing, however, at this rate, it was clear that in the end we would be left with unused A product. B product is less viscous and we knew we needed to slow it down. With some quick troubleshooting, we added a 3/8 ball valve to adjust the fluid pressure, while watching it flow from the mixing head without the mixing tube.

This seemed to do the trick and we successfully completed the job meeting labor and product estimate.

We don’t think we could have had a better first experience with EonCoat and we would like to say THANKS, to Tony Collins and the EonCoat TEAM!

2021 Update

Written by Carlos DeOro; Operations & Marketing Manager of EonCoat

This was one of the early versions of EonCoat. Version 2 to be exact. We have come a long way since these times. We are now in version 5& have found much better equipment to use for applying EonCoat. These issues or no longer relevant and have been solved. We currently have several ways of applying EonCoat. We have a touch-up kit with 400mL Cartridges which is great for smaller applications. We have a high-pressure setup for high-volume and larger projects. We also have a low-pressure setup for smaller items but high volume. If you have more questions about the actual application process it’s best that you contact us. 

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