Why You Want an Inorganic Corrosion Protection Coating

There is a large boulder on our property that makes a good spot to sit and watch the lake. As the years go by the lines in my face deepen, but the stone looks the same. 100 years from now I’ll be gone. The stone will still be there and it won’t look much different to the next generation than it does to me.

The reason is carbon. Everything that has carbon breaks down with time and temperature at a much greater rate than things that don’t have carbon, and the stone doesn’t have carbon.

Carbon is fuel, so all things made with carbon will burn. In fact, oil-based fuels are made by “cracking” (or shortening) the carbon chains in crude oil. It is relatively easy to do this with temperature, and when it is done the properties of the product change dramatically. The difference between diesel, kerosene, gasoline, naphthas, butane, propane, ethane, and methane is the length of the carbon chain.

Polymers are essentially very long chains of carbon. So when we make coatings from polymers it is inevitable that the coatings will have a relatively short life. Time and temperature will break the carbon chains, and as the chains are broken the properties of the coating change significantly.

EonCoat is the beginning of new material science in coatings – ones that are completely inorganic and carbon-free. As a result, EonCoat will not break down the way polymers do. This new material science in coatings will last and protect your property for an incredibly long time.

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