EonCoat Weldable Coating For Tank Bottoms

The Weldable Permanent Corrosion Protection Coating 

EonCoat Weldable Coating offers equivalent corrosion protection to EonCoat Corrosion Protection Coating. It has two parts that need to be sprayed at a 1:1 ratio. The chemical reaction caused by these two components creates your two layers of protection. What sets this coating apart is its ability to protect steel from corrosion before and after welding. Weldable Coating enables welding after coating to the backside of coated steel without damaging the EonCoat. Weldable Coating is rated at 600°C (1112°F). This is a one-of-a-kind product. No coating in the world has ever held the heat produced by welds until EonCoat Weldable Coating. 

Other Benefits & Recommendations

  • Weldable Coating is available in 9 gals. kits (4.5 gals. part A and 4.5 gals. part B) and 600mL Cartridges (300mL part A and 300mL part B)
  • We recommend this coating be applied at 40 mils / 1000 microns.
  • It can be applied directly to rust and only requires that no old paint or mill scale when applying Weldable Coating.
  • The coating is cured in 15 min.
  • EonCoat Weldable Coating is water-based, inorganic, has no VOCs, no HAPs, & no toxins. It is easy to dispose of and requires minimum personal protection equipment to apply. (Safety goggles and N95 mask).
  • Less expensive to apply, safer for the people, better for the environment, and extremely long life. 
  • We are so confident our product will work. We guarantee no rust on your steel for 30 years! That’s right, a 30-year warranty.

What can Weldable Coating be used on?

  • Soil-Facing Tank Bottoms
  • Tank Steel before Assembly.
  • Marine/Offshore Platforms
  • Industrial Equipment that gets Modified Regularly
  • Pipes before Flanges are Attached
  • Structural Beams
  • Mining Equipment
  • Carbon Steel with NACE 3 / SSPC-SP6 / SA 2 Commercial Blast Finish
  • Much More.

Equipment Required to Apply EonCoat

High-Pressure Plural Pump w/ SS Lowers

This setup is meant for high-volume applications like storage tanks, steel structures, pipelines, & more. Click Button Below to Download Equipment Specification Guide for this setup 

Dual Component Cartridge Spray Gun 

This setup is meant for low-volume applications like touch-ups, small equipment, demonstrations, etc… Click Button Below to Download Equipment Specification Guide for this setup 

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