Industries Served by EonCoat

EonCoat serves many industries to protect their carbon steel assets from corrosion. The Oil, Gas, Medical, Utility, Chemical, and Railroad industries rely on the patented technology of EonCoat. Our customers invest millions of dollars into steel assets and they need them operational. Downtime for maintenance is unacceptable. EonCoat is the solution. It both enables a quick return to service and then eliminates future maintenance.

Oil & Gas

It began with a coal handling facility in West Virginia in 2012. Consol Energy used EonCoat to stop the corrosion caused by the sulfur in coal. Soon after an oil company began coating floating tank roofs. By 2018 Chevron did a presentation at the EuroCorr 2018 describing their use of this amazing technology. We have coated the exteriors, interiors & roofs of storage tanks for some of the world’s largest oil companies in countries around the globe. Many of the contractors that work in their refineries are EonCoat certified. Companies are adding EonCoat to their appropriate specifications and have given us continually bigger projects. In 2018, we began coating offshore platforms. Watch this video to see what was said in EuroCorr 2018.


We didn’t initially expect many users in the medical industry, but 3 of the biggest are customers. Drug companies have utility assets just like other industries. Their tanks and piping might not be as large as the ones we coat in oil and gas, but they are every bit as important to the customer.

An EonCoat Certified Contractor spraying a storage tank for a large pharmaceutical company


Natural Gas Pipelines can stretch out for miles & of course being made of carbon steel means they have corrosion issues. Natural gas companies have reached out to us to coat their pipelines & equipment. Water & electric companies have had us coat some of their carbon steel assets like hydro dams, water pumps, & equipment.

spraying water pump
EonCoat Certified Contractor spraying EonCoat on a water pump assembly


Since Oil, Gas, and petrochemical are closely related the use of EonCoat in refineries led petrochemical companies to notice us. It was one of our petrochemical customers who first used the EonCoat Weldable Primer to protect the bottom side of a welded tank.

Petrochemical Storage Tank partially coated in EonCoat


The railroad industry demands long-term proof to risk the safety and assets of their customers. Back in 2012, we were contacted by a city transit company who asked us to spray EonCoat Corrosion Protection on a small number of railroad rails & fasteners. They installed these test pieces in the field and left them there for 3 years. 3 years is the typical replacement rate for these parts. When they went back to see our test pieces and saw no degradation they conducted a much larger test. By 2020 our first major order by a railroad company was made and we are excited about the new business that this industry will bring us.

sameer coating rail for railroad
Sameer Patel – EonCoat’s Lead Scientist coating one of the trial rails.

Can we help your industry?

No matter what the industry, EonCoat delivers cost-saving and productivity benefits to customers worldwide. Cost savings are realized with faster, less expensive surface preparation and a faster return-to-service. Permanent metal corrosion protection and elimination of future surface preparation and application also bring significant cost savings to customers.

The inorganic product improves the health and safety of employees and the public with no VOCs, no HAPS, no odor, no flash point, and zero flame spread.

Let the steel corrosion protection coatings from EonCoat safeguard your most valuable investments, no matter what your industry.

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