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Does PPE Really Prevent Toxins From Entering Our Bodies?

Most companies go to great lengths to keep our workers safe from toxins & danger in general. After hearing a story like the one below, I can’t help but question how effective the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) we use is & just how dangerous the products we use are.

Picture of professional painter holding an automotive paint gun inside a car painting booth

An example of the equipment used to paint highly toxic materials with high VOCs


The Story

In 2012, Tony Collins & Sameer Patel were just learning to apply one of the earlier versions of EonCoat. Our first large tank roof was done for an oil refinery in Mississippi.

The contractor did a great job of setting up and we had two guys do the spraying while others pulled leads and kept the pumps running. The guys covered the 31,000 square feet in a few hours one afternoon. We felt great about the job. The crew was impressed with EonCoat because it was easy to spray and there was no odor.

It was the biggest difference for the contractors.  One of the guys said, “I’m going home without a headache for the first time ever after applying a roof coating.”

The next day one of the painters came up to Tony and told him we got him in trouble with his wife. Tony asked, “How?”

The contractor said that when he went home his wife accused him of taking the day off and going to the casino up in Biloxi. Tony found this conversation odd and asked him to explain. The contractor then told Tony this story.


When I got home my wife asked me about my day and reached in for a kiss as she usually does.

I told her “It was a good day; we sprayed the roof of tank 400.”

The wife said, “Why are you lying?”.

Confused & concerned, he said, “No honey, we really coated the roof of tank 400 today.”

The wife said, “you are lying, did you take off and go to the casino?”

He said, “What makes you think that?”

She explained, “We’ve been married 15 years. When you come home you kiss me. On days you spray paint I can taste it. There is no paint taste today.”


Two things stood out to us when Tony shared this story with the EonCoat staff.

1.    When you have been married for 15 years little to nothing can be hidden from your wife.

2.    How effective is our PPE if wives can taste paint toxins in a kiss?

Workers go home with headaches even though they wear their PPE Equipment & follow all the rules. Stories like this one make all the hours in the lab worth it.

We are proud of developing a product that stops corrosion. But the reason we developed it is that we care about safety, for the workers and the planet. EonCoat is water-based, inorganic, & has no VOCs, no toxins, no HAPs, & no odor.

You have to wonder, we have guys suit up when they apply toxic coatings. If the PPE really works, how come the wives of contractors can tell you sprayed paint, when you get home?

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