Sameer Patel

Principal Scientist

Before joining EonCoat in 2009, Sameer Patel worked as a research associate at North Carolina State University.  In the years before joining NC State, Sameer Patel worked as a research scientist for CIFRI-Government of India.

Sameer Patel graduated with his Post-Graduate (Advance Degree) in Paper Science and Engineering, Forest Bio-Material Science, from North Carolina State University in 2009 and possessed Master of Science (MS) in Industrial Chemistry from SP University, India.

He joined EonCoat as a member of scientists to develop cellulose-based fire resistance composites. Later, he was given responsibilities for anti-corrosion coating-related R&D projects as he showed extraordinary talent to understand fundamental issues and resolve them. As a result, he has been promoted to Principal Scientist when EonCoat became a commercial product (2014). Currently, he leads all R&D projects and helps resolve technical issues when it arises. 

Sameer Patel and his wife Mayuri live in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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