The Travels of Floyd Part 5: On The Road

Hello Friends!

It has been an interesting few months to say the least! Ever since Priority Waste, Inc. (PWI) picked me up in July I’ve been traveling around Eastern NC! I’m actually writing from a home construction site just west of Wilson. This is the tail end of my second mission in which I was used to…well if you don’t know what I was used for just check out the picture.   When I completed my first mission in Stantonsburg, my friends at EonCoat came out and gave me my first mission marker. (Look right under the EonCoat decal!) The plan is to rack up as many mission markers as I possibly can during my travels in order to become a real “trash soldier.” 🙂 As you can see, the corrosion protective properties of EonCoat have held up well. I don’t have any bad spots like when they first brought me in, so I’m feeling pretty good about myself.

The only problem I’ve had is my orange color has faded somewhat in the sun. I’m not worried though. Sameer told me that color retention in a new breakthrough product is complex and that unless I wanted to be a white dumpster – there could be some small issues along the way. I guess that’s what you get for being a test dumpster! But I will tell you what, if there is one thing I know, it’s that the good people at the Wilson headquarters are using the data they collect each time they visit me to build a beautiful color pallet for all my friends.

Until next time! Floyd


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