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corrosion prevention


EonCoat Offers Long Term Solution To Fight Corrosion

In the oil and gas industry, protecting massive carbon steel assets from corrosion is a continual challenge around the world, particularly along coastline exposed to high humidity and salty air near oceans or other bodies of water. Read the full article here.

Protective Coatings Europe

Addressing Corrosion in Mines and Quarries

In mines, quarries, and aggregate bulk processing, large steel structures like hoppers that are used to store and dispense vast volumes of ore, rock and gravel are often subjected to abrasion, moisture and salt deposits, which can accelerate corrosion. Read the full article here.

Exploring alloy-based protection

Engineer Live

Will alloy-inducing anti-corrosion agents make metal blasting a thing of the past? Metal blasting (or sandblasting) has long been a go-to process to treat metal before the application of a surface material, such as an anti-corrosive agent. But as alloy-inducing anti-corrosion agents take the stage to compete with traditional barrier…