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Seawater Corrosion Test

A Corrosion Test to see the last coating standing began on 12/30/10 at 12 noon. During the duration of the test 14.1 gallons of seawater (on average) is sprayed on the samples. There are four hours of spray followed by four hours of simulated sun lamps (426 nano-meter light waves). This cycles over and over each day. You will notice that we are comparing 17 different samples. The photos below will show you which samples they are as well as offer up photos from the test thus far.

Which coating do you think will be the last one standing?

Check out the live feed on the site.

(samples being tested)

(test chamber cameras)

(Day 5)

(Day 19)

(Day 26)

(Day 35)

(day 41)

Note: Brighter pictures taken during spray cycle and pictures with yellow tint taken during the simulated sun lamps(426 nano-meter light waves) cycle.



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