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Behind the Scenes at EonCoat: How Real Saltwater Makes its Way to Wilson

It’s not easy to run a seawater corrosion test for more than 140 days.

Why, you ask?

Because when you are located 100 miles from the coast it can be challenge to come up with 90 gallons of seawater each week!

Thanks to Kevin Carraway, Owner of KLI Courier & Express, we are able to get saltwater all the way from Morehead City each week.

“I basically head down to the coast once a week with 18, 5-gallon buckets to load them up full of water straight out of the ocean and bring it back to Wilson,” said Carraway.

“I stand in the water knee deep and dunk each bucket, seal them up and load them into my van. This is the first time I’ve transported anything like this so it has been quite interesting. It definitely ranks in the top two of strangest things I have ever transported. I’ve been doing this for EonCoat for 7-8 months now and would say I’ve brought up at least 900 gallons total.I guess you could say I’ll transport anything – as long as it’s legal of course.”

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