Introducing Tony Collins’ Notes From The Lab

One of the more interesting aspects of EonCoat CEO Tony Collins’ job is that he gets to keep up with EonCoat scientists and their experiments down in the lab on a day-to-day basis.  Many “ah-ha” moments come out of the lab, some breakthroughs and some failures, and Tony will be documenting some of these experiments and findings in a new blog post series, Notes from the Lab.

Tony will pull back the curtains to share, inform and reflect what was learned in an effort to showcase the trials, tribulations and jubilation of a start up company.  This new blog series will be your window into EonCoat’s labs and into what our scientists are working on.

Who is Tony Collins?

Tony Collins is a life-long entrepreneur with a successful history in the power generation business. He served as founder and president of TGM (Turbine Generator Maintenance) for more than 20 years prior to selling the company in 2007.

In 2007, Tony purchased the commercial rights to Ceramicrete, an acid/base cementitious formula developed at Argonne National Laboratories, and spent four additional years of research and testing prior to officially releasing EonCoat in 2011.

You can read more about Tony by visiting our website or his LinkedIn Page.

Stay Tuned! Thanks for reading and we look forward to sharing Tony’s Notes from the Lab soon!

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