How Do We Eliminate VOCs? By Using Plural Pumps!

The Genius of Plural Spray Pumps

Plural spray pumps offer an environmentally friendly solution to the 12 million tons of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) released into the atmosphere annually by paints and coatings. Both latex and alkyd (oil-based) paint release various VOCs, including formaldehyde, toluene, and benzene. In addition, solvents found significantly in paints create a staggering percentage of the VOCs released into our environment. But, unfortunately, no one really wants to talk about it, least of all the paint industry.

Why Are VOCs Still In Paint?

First, let’s review why VOCs and HAPs are still an issue in the paint and coatings industry. The VOCs emitted from paints and coatings don’t come from the paint itself, but instead, come from the solvents that manufacturers add to the paint. Essentially, solvents keep the paint from reacting to the inside of the paint can until you can apply the paint. You know they are there because VOCs are responsible for making the awful smell in paints and varnishes.

If you leave off the top of a paint can, the solvents will evaporate, and the paint will become solid in the can. When you paint the wall, the solvents evaporate into your environment, potentially causing serious harm to anyone present during the application process – or even for some time afterward. Some estimates indicate paint emits VOCs for up to 6 months! The process of releasing VOCs is called off-gassing – when a product releases particulate matter and gases formerly trapped in a liquid or solid form. VOCs create health hazards for anyone applying a paint, coating, or other product that contains them.

Can We Completely Eliminate The Need For Solvents that contain VOCs?

The simple answer is YES! Keeping paints from reacting inside the can is the ONLY reason for using solvents in the paint. If we eliminate the need to keep the paint or application separate, we eliminate the need for solvents – and therefore, eliminate VOCs.

What if we could keep the reactants separate and then mix them just before they hit the wall? This very question addresses the purpose of plural spray equipment. This technology is not new, and the mechanics are simple. Plural spray pumps are just two pump legs driven by one air motor. By keeping the reactants separate until you are ready to apply them, EonCoat eliminates the need for solvents – and therefore, eliminates VOCs.

CosmoStar Plural Pump

What about the VOCs already in the environment?

The goal cannot be to eliminate the VOCs already in the environment. For example, when exposed to sunlight, VOCs react with nitrogen oxides (NOx) and carbon monoxide (CO) to form tropospheric ozone (03) – what you and I commonly call ground smog. When this smog develops at the ground level, VOCs can stimulate disease in plants and inhibit seed production. In addition to helping create smog, greenhouse gases are frequently released in conjunction with VOCs, and the industrial sector is responsible for 22% of all GHG released in the air.

Graco G40 AA Series Spray Gun with a Remote Mix Manifold & EonCoat Static Whip Hose mixing 2 components before it is applied to the substrate.

How Has EonCoat Used Plural Pumps? 

The lead scientist at EonCoat harnessed the technology of plural spray equipment when engineering EonCoat’s patented technology. When applying EonCoat, you push Part A and Part B down separate lines and mix them either in our spray gun or just before applying by using a piece of equipment known as a static mixer. By developing permanent corrosion protection using a plural spray gun, EonCoat eliminates the need for solvents – and therefore, VOCs.

Because of our use of plural pumps, EonCoat is:

  •  intrinsically safe
  • has nothing that needs to evaporate
  • has nothing to burn
  • contains nothing to cause health problems
  • has nothing to create greenhouse gases (GHG)
  • safe to apply using a dust mask instead of all the PPE required for toxic paints

EonCoat is a safe technology that is available to paint manufacturers everywhere. They would use a plural pump method if their customers demanded it. Now that you know – why not insist on safer products being used in your communities.

Let’s work together to eliminate the need for solvents.

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