A Rundown of Industries EonCoat Can Benefit

A reliance on carbon steel is prevalent across many major industries, which means there is a wide range of companies that take a vested interest in protecting their steel assets from corrosion. While EonCoat is known for its work in the oil and gas industry, EonCoat is not an industry-specific product. The coating delivers benefits to any industry with carbon steel assets, provided that a customer seeks to prevent corrosion, cut costs, and boost productivity.

With EonCoat, surface preparation is faster and less expensive, return-to-service is swifter, and longstanding metal corrosion protection without VOCs, HAPs, odor, or flammability put EonCoat head and shoulders above competitors.


Pipelines and storage tanks that hold and move petroleum, natural gas, and other petrochemicals rely on EonCoat for protection from rust. This protective coating extends the lifespan of these critical components and offers protection that can help energy sector businesses avoid the loss of product and the financial and human disasters that can accompany a serious breach.

EonCoat’s chemically bonded alloy layer creates an environmentally friendly layer of protection that can allow energy sector businesses to remain profitable and eco-conscious.


Infrastructure is the foundation of modern civilization. Without proper maintenance and protection, corrosion can cause deadly and costly public health issues, ranging from compromised bridges to disintegrating roadways. Infrastructure must withstand heavy traffic and remain reliable over time, all while staying within an acceptable maintenance budget.

EonCoat can provide corrosion protection quickly, and without lengthy downtime to get infrastructure back in service. EonCoat protection lasts far longer than alternatives, helping to minimize future maintenance and the need for infrastructure disruptions.

In addition, EonCoat’s safe application keeps both workers and the public out of harm’s way by eliminating the exposure to VOCs and HAPs commonly used in traditional solutions.

Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment is a large investment, and such assets are costly and burdensome to replace. EonCoat helps protect these investments by both adding a layer of protection from corrosion, and increasing resistance to abrasion and chemicals. With zero flame spread and no ignition point, EonCoat will not ignite. It’s also safe to use in the presence of customers and workers. EonCoat’s chemical bond and ceramic outer layer provide durability and safety that heavy equipment manufacturers can rely on to ensure their businesses remain operational and profitable.

With a non-toxic, environmentally friendly application coupled with a 30-year warranty, EonCoat offers customers an unparalleled durability guarantee.


Marine equipment, such as docks, terminals, ships, and boats, faces constant exposure to moist and often salty environments. Under these conditions, corrosion can be difficult to discourage and even more difficult to stop once it has begun. EonCoat can protect assets in these marine environments by providing a bonded alloy and ceramic barrier that offers two layers of defense against corrosion. EonCoat’s antimicrobial characteristics protect the onboard machinery and passengers, as well as the hull below the waterline.


Factories worldwide require first-class steel protection and corrosion prevention to keep all equipment in good working order and assure reliable uptime. Pumps, boilers, tanks, compressors, heaters, reactors, turbines, and other industrial machinery can function properly and safely under the protective coating of EonCoat’s simple, non-toxic, and speedy application. Without the need for extensive blasting, repainting, or monitoring for breaches in corrosion protection coatings, EonCoat can add strength to industrial equipment and ensure it remains in service for years longer than traditional coatings.

EonCoat provides industries with affordable, reliable long-term protection from corrosion. By creating a chemical bond to the steel itself, along with an inhibitor reservoir, EonCoat provides two layers of defense to keep equipment in good working order for a long, strong life of service.

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