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The Travels of Floyd Part 3: The Pull Test

Hey Everyone!

Well now that I am well on my way to getting cleaned up, it was time to really “hit the gym” and strengthen up. 😉

Last week EonCoat’s lead scientist, Sameer Patel, tested the strength of my new coat’s adhesion using the Positest AT-A Automatic. This super cool tool measures the adhesion of coatings to things like metal, wood, concrete and other rigid substrates. The test uses an electronically controlled hydraulic pump to apply smooth and continuous pull of pressure.

So, in order to see just how “strong” my new coating really was, Sameer performed the test three times to measure the strength of adhesion between EonCoat and the substrate. Now as you may remember Old Floyd’s substrate was quite rusted and not in the best of shape by any means.

For those of you keeping score at home, the first two pulls were done on spots where a prior paint coat was located and have a lower pull off (158 and 168 PSI) while the last one on corrosion or rust is considerably higher (352 PSI) because EonCoat bonds chemically to metal and oxides!

After that showing, I’d be willing to take on any dumpster around these parts. You all know how to find me.

Well that is it for now, I hope everyone is enjoying my journey. I’ll be back soon to talk about what comes next.

Best Wishes,


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