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The Top 10 Things You Should Know About EonCoat

EonCoat is a versatile coating that can be used in a variety of markets. As such, we sometimes find it difficult to discuss all of the benefits and value that EonCoat provides. With that in mind, we took a straw poll here at EonCoat and came up with the Top 10 Things You Should Know About EonCoat:

EonCoat being applied on Merck Pharmaceutical Storage Tank

  1. Lifetime cost – While EonCoat does cost a bit more per gallon than other performance coatings, the lifetime costs are well below the industry average. Savings can be found in labor costs (since only one coat is usually required) and in the product lifecycle (EonCoat lasts twice as long as the industry average). The industry average total cost of applied coating is around $2.58 per sq ft. EonCoat’s cost per sq ft is $1.43, savings of approximately 45%!
  2. No VOCs, No HAPs, No Odor – Since EonCoat is a two-part coating, there is no need for VOCs or HAPs in our coatings. Don’t be fooled by “low-VOC” claims, these often refer to the base paint only and not the pigments required for color paints. This is a safer alternative for the environment, your employees, and for those who have to work around the paint/coating on a day-to-day basis. Lastly, since our coatings contain zero VOCs or HAPs, there is no odor when the coating is applied or is drying.
  3. 5x More Corrosion Resistant than Leading Corrosion Coatings – EonCoat stands up to corrosion extremely well. We weren’t exactly sure how much until we tested it against more than 15 competitors.
  4. 0% Flame Spread – The coating has a flame spread rate of 0. What this means is that the coating itself will not catch on fire. A surface coated with EonCoat will not catch fire unless the flame generates enough heat to cause the substrate below the coating to self-ignite. David Zheng, CEO of E Point, traveled all the way from China to see a demonstration first hand.
  5. Waterproof – The EonCoat ceramic coating provides a waterproof layer of protection with a permeability of less than .1 millidarcy. When applied, the coating protects against water and salt reaching the substrate. Additionally, since it is a flexible ceramic (see #7) and bonds directly with the substrate, damage from freeze/thaw cycles can be widely eliminated.
  6. More Abrasion Resistant Than Epoxies – EonCoat provides resistance to abrasion in some of the toughest environments (dumpsters, industrial plants, etc.). A Taber machine tests resistance to abrasion by rotating an abrasive wheel against a coated panel and shows the number of rotation cycles it takes to wear down the coating by .01 mil. Normal paints last about 75 cycles, epoxies range from 125 – 250 cycles before .01 mil of wear. EonCoat stays strong for 1,000 cycles.
  7. Flexible Ceramic – In the past, one of the problems with ceramic coatings was their lack of flexibility. EonCoat is ductile (flexible), and can flex up to 19% prior to failure, making it a perfect fit for substrates that tend to flex like steel or concrete when changing temperatures.
  8. Bonds to Substrate – Unlike other paints/coatings that sit on top of the substrate, EonCoat forms a covalent bond with its substrate. This provides an added layer of protection as spot failures do not endanger the rest of the coating. An apt analogy is that first bit of rust on your car. By itself, it doesn’t look horrible, but you know once rust gets under the paint. There will be more rust moving forward.
  9. Less Prep-Time – EonCoat does not require a primer coat and does not require a perfectly smooth substrate for coating. Since it chemically bonds with the surface, a bit of oxidation (rust) is good while coating. On most paint jobs, the bulk of the time is spent preparing the surface for the paint. EonCoat makes the prep process much easier. A steel surface, for example, only requires a simple brush blast to remove loose pieces of dirt and rust… After that, coat away!
  10. Fast Return to Service – Since only one coat of EonCoat is required in the vast majority of applications and less prep-time is required, the return to service schedule for heavy equipment and capital investments is cut down significantly. Most equipment can be returned to service an hour after the coating has been applied. This can equal big savings for equipment that is costly to shut off.

EonCoat is more than just corrosion protection coating. It can be used for several other applications. We have just focused on its corrosion protection properties because it solves a major issue for industries. If you’re ready to hear more about EonCoat Contact Us or Download Our E-Book.

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