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Behind The Scenes at EonCoat: Q & A with Lab Tech Mark Bigham

What is your background?

I’m originally from Michigan but I spent 21 years, 8 months in the United States Air Force so I moved around to where I was needed. That included New Mexico, Korea, Kansas and North Carolina. I worked on aircraft structural repair which is why I have been able to find a niche at EonCoat.

I also had some additional industry experience working with the Fastenal Company for four years.

Since joining EonCoat in November of 2008, or what some people around here call “the beginning”, what have your job duties entailed?

When I first started and we were working on the composite instead of coating I was in the lab most of the time helping create different variations and trying to come up with a really good composite. Since we created the composite, I’ve been handling most of the spraying duties as well as tearing apart the machines and guns used to spray EonCoat and rebuilding them. I also handle any metal fabrication we need to do here on site.

How has the coating evolved since you started?

They coating really started to evolve after we created the composite a few years ago and has really come a long way. A few years ago, every time we attempted to spray we would have problems and have to sit down, figure out the problems, and keep working on them over and over again. That went on until we got to the point where we were extremely happy with the product – which was late last year. Now we are at the point where other companies are spraying EonCoat for commercial use.

Going through that trial and error process – was it helpful to have a stable of scientists, chemists, technicians and other industry experts working on it together?

In a way I think so. But you also have to make sure sometimes you take away some of those hands so concrete decisions can be made. If you start going in too many directions you can lose focus. I think the team we have now is perfect. We’ve found a great balance internally.


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