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EonCoat Seawater Corrosion Test Results

After 170 long days, the EonCoat Seawater Corrosion Test has finally come to its conclusion, and EonCoat was the last coating standing!

Skeptical since this is the EonCoat blog? We don’t blame you! That’s why we made sure to take extensive photos at the beginning and ending of our test and have included before and after photos of each participant.

We would like to congratulate the two coatings that failed in the final week:

Test Subject No.18: AFM Safe coat Primer + AFM Safecoat Top Coat

Test Subject No.27: Rustoleum Pro High Performance Primer V-7580 + Top Coat Rustoleum V-7592

Both coatings performed admirably and failed based on our testing standards between days 162 and 170.

A Little Background

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the test, each coating was housed in our Seawater Chamber while attempting to withstand the pounding of seawater from the Atlantic Ocean and simulated sun lamps (426-nano-meter light waves) in continuous 4-hour intervals.

You can check out the following links to see the progress from Day 1 until now and to find out more information on the test:

Photographic Evidence

We’ll let the photos tell the remainder of the story. Below you will see side-by-side comparisons of each individual test subject on Day 1 of the Corrosion Chamber Test (on the left) and Day 170 (on the right). Please feel free to leave any questions in the comment section.

The Test Subjects

Inside The Chamber: Day 1 & Day 170

No. 14 - EonCoat

No. 15 – Carboline Carboncoat DTM 8215

No. 16 - Pitt-Tech DTM Industrial Enamel 90-374 PPG

No. 17 – Carboline Carbozinc Primer + Carbocrylic Top coat 3359

No. 18 - AFM Safecoat Primer + AFM Safecoat Top Coat

No. 19 – Pitt Guard Rapid Coat DTR 95-245 95-249 PPG

No. 20 – Pitt Tech Plus DTM 90-1210 PPG

No. 21 - Sherwin Williams PRO Industrial Primer

No.22 – Sherwin Williams PRO Industrial Primer + Top coat Pro Industrial

No. 23 – Sherwin Williams Zinc Clad 143-0255

No. 24 – Sherwin Williams Kem Kromix Primer + Sherwin Williams Rust Preventative Paint

No. 25 – Sherwin Williams Kem Kromik Primer

No. 26 – Rustoleum Pro High Performance Primer V-7580

No. 27 – Rustoleum Pro High Performace Primer V-7580 + Top coat Rustoleum V-7592

No. 28 – Rustoleum Industrial Choice 5200 DTM Acrylic

No. 29 – Carbolinc Carbocrylic 3359

No. 30 – AFM Safe-Coat Primer


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