4 Benefits of EonCoat over Traditional Anti-Corrosion Agents

Traditional anti-corrosion agents have long been used to protect industrial assets and extend the life of costly machinery. But traditional options have many drawbacks that can introduce risks to workers, increased costs, extended downtime, and dangerous environmental hazards.

EonCoat stands out over these other options in many ways. Here are just a few.

Applying Topcoat Just a few hours after EonCoat was sprayed.

1. It’s Non-Flammable

Unlike many traditional anti-corrosion agents that incorporate flammable compounds, EonCoat has a flame spread rate of 0, meaning it is inherently fireproof. For a fire to break out, the underlying material would need to reach its flashpoint. This makes EonCoat safe to handle, dispose of, and implement without the risk of flammability. This prevents the need to allocate extra time, energy, and costs towards ensuring an appropriately safe environment to prevent ignition during and after application.

2. No VOCs or HAPs

EonCoat contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). Unlike paint, EonCoat is not hazardous to humans and the environment. Safe to apply for both workers and the environment, EonCoat is odorless and an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional coatings. VOCs are often found in traditional anti-corrosion agents; we are proud to offer a more sustainable option. No VOCs or HAPs means there is no chemical off-gassing, odor, or side effects. This causes less disruption in work areas and no need to apply coatings under closely monitored conditions in order to protect workers.

3. No Risk of Aggravating Corrosive Conditions

EonCoat chemically bonds to the steel it is applied to, creating an alloy layer and leaving no distance between itself and the substrate. Unlike traditional barrier coatings, EonCoat chemically bonds with the substrate to provide a protective layer that cannot be breached like paint. Whereas traditional barrier coatings create a rust-encouraging environment once breached if EonCoat is scratched or damaged the steel remains protected. The ductile ceramic in EonCoat eliminates the possibility of damage from freeze/thaw cycles.

EonCoat delivers two layers of protection. EonCoat’s first layer of protection is the magnesium iron phosphate alloy layer that develops when EonCoat chemically bonds to the steel substrate. Second, the chemically bonded phosphate ceramic adds a second line of defense. The ceramic layer, slightly water-soluble, will leach phosphate when necessary in order to re-alloy the steel and prevent the formation of rust. By forming a chemical bond instead of a mechanical one, EonCoat avoids the traditional concern of aggravating corrosion conditions if the barrier is breached.

4. Reduced Downtime

EonCoat requires far less surface preparation time than traditional coatings. Rather than requiring a white metal blast or near-white blast, the surface preparation required for EonCoat is only a commercial blast. By requiring only a NACE-3/SSPC SP-6, far less time is required for surface preparation. In addition, because EonCoat can be applied over flash rust, surface preparation can be done all at once. Rather than the costly start-and-stop method used to blast steel before a traditional coating can be applied, with EonCoat the entire surface can be blasted in one operation.  Then, hours, days, or even weeks later EonCoat can be applied.

In addition to far more efficient surface preparation, EonCoat cures within an hour of coating, so a topcoat can be applied soon after the EonCoat has been sprayed.

The result is a faster return to service as assets can be put back into productive use rather than kept offline due to the painfully slow blasting and curing requirements of traditional coatings.

EonCoat provides a long list of benefits over traditional anti-corrosion agents, including reduced downtime, no risk to workers or the environment, alloy protection, safe cleanup, flame resistance, and cost savings, making it a standout market of anti-corrosion applications. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how you can use our anti-corrosion solution.

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