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Sameer Patel – Principal Scientist of EonCoat

Sameer Patel

Before joining EonCoat in 2009, Sameer Patel worked as a research associate at North Carolina State University.  Before joining NC State, Sameer Patel worked as a research scientist for CIFRI-Government of India.

Sameer Patel graduated with his Post-Graduate (Advance Degree) in Paper Science and Engineering, Forest Bio-Material Science, from North Carolina State University in 2009, and possesses a Master of Science (MS) in Industrial Chemistry from SP University India.

He joined EonCoat as a member of our team of scientists to develop cellulose-based fire-resistance composites. Later, he was given responsibilities for anti-corrosion coating-related R&D projects as he showed extraordinary talent to understand fundamental issues and resolve them. As a result, he was promoted to Principal Scientist when EonCoat became a commercial product (2014). Currently, he leads all R&D projects and helps resolve technical issues when they arise. 

Sameer Patel and his wife Mayuri live in Raleigh, North Carolina.

As the principal scientist of EonCoat, Sameer oversees all aspects of product research, development, and improvement. When it comes to EonCoat, no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of permanent corrosion protection.

Sameer also oversees the manufacturing aspects of EonCoat, ensuring that all batches of products are manufactured to the highest levels of quality. By regularly testing batches of products, Sameer ensures we are hitting all the requirements to continue providing the best corrosion-prevention products on the market.

In our constant pursuit of corrosion prevention excellence, Sameer and his team make it part of their focus to push the boundaries of all things corrosion related, resulting in the research and development of new products to add to the EonCoat family of Corrosion prevention technologies.

Sameer Patel Lead Scientist of EonCoat LLC