The Technical Aspects of Corrosion with a Focus on Motor Vehicles

A few months ago my colleague, Joe Taylor (a Project Engineer for Thomas Bus, a division of Daimler), and I were discussing the nature of corrosion and how it applies to structural components, most specifically on motor vehicles. Our conversation got Joe thinking (as often happens) about how few documents exist that detail in full how corrosion happens, from a technical standpoint. There are many great sources available, but they tend to each cover only one aspect. We wanted a full picture, something that compiled all the important information from multiple sources into one, detailed, usable document.

Soon after, Joe sent me the PowerPoint presentation we’re sharing in a PDF format with all of you. It’s a one of the best, most complete, detailed documents I’ve ever seen about how corrosion happens, the various types of corrosion, how operating conditions can affect it, and what to do to mitigate it.

Be warned, it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s a highly technical document but one that’s incredibly informative.

We welcome any feedback and thoughts you may have about the report.