PaintTalk: A Resource for Paint/Coating Contractors

If you’re a painting or coating contractor have you ever run into a situation where you weren’t sure of the best approach? Maybe a client had an off-the-wall request or there were variables on your coating surface that you hadn’t dealt with before? Of course you have; everyone has!

One of the best resources we’ve found for painting contractors online is a discussion forum called PaintTalk. The threads and posts on PT are chalk full of excellent information for all types of contractors, including those who are just starting out as a painting contractor all the way through seasoned professionals with decades of experience.

Need advice on using a specialty coating you haven’t used before? There’s a thread for that.

Curious about how other contractors are handling a business or technology issue? There are threads for that as well.

We joined PaintTalk in December 2010 and since then have been floored by the level of knowledge and experience of PT’s members. Beyond the experience of PT members, it’s also just a fun place to hang out online if you’re a paint contractor. The threads are informative and occasionally hilarious. Forums like PT are some of the best corners of the Internet.

Experts willing and happy to contribute to a community because it’s their passion? Yes please!

Are you a PaintTalk member? Share your experiences with the forum in the comments below. Thanks for reading and happy coating!

PS – We’re not receiving anything for talking about PT. We just wanted to share our experience with the forums and encourage paint contractors to check it out.

Sample PaintTalk Goodness: