Anti-Corrosive Primer

At EonCoat, we’ve developed an anti-corrosive primer designed to protect your industrial customers’ steel. If you sell an anti-corrosive primer and topcoat to industrial customers in the energy, infrastructure, heavy equipment, or marine market, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you about supplying our EonCoat® anti-corrosive primer to your company.

The patented EonCoat primer has a number of benefits compared to other corrosion prevention solutions. EonCoat lasts for decades. It is non-toxic, inorganic, water-based, contains no VOCs, no HAPs and is non-flammable.

EonCoat is a no-risk, anti-corrosion solution you can deliver to your customers. The product can be co-branded and sold as a complete system with your existing topcoats. You will have no manufacturing costs, no lengthy research and development cycle, and no risk of failure.

Why wait to give your industrial customers an anti-corrosion solution they can rely on?

EonCoat comes with a 30-year product warranty.



How Does EonCoat Work?

EonCoat is a new way to protect carbon steel. The patented coating forms a dual-layer of protection seconds after application on steel. The EonCoat bonds chemically with the steel forming an alloy layer. At the same time the outer layer — made of a ductile ceramic — combines with any topcoat to create a shield against rust.

Take a look at our product data sheet for more detail.

Suitable for application on flash rusted carbon steel, EonCoat is useful on tanks, pipelines and heavy industrial equipment. EonCoat’s anti-corrosive primer is effective and environmentally sound. There are no hazardous chemicals, no wasted materials, and a plural component spray gun that make it easy to apply in a 1:1 mixture through standard spray equipment.

The EonCoat primer is dry and ready to topcoat within an hour. And EonCoat’s unique chemical structure ensures that it’s suitable for frequent exposure to a wide range of chemicals, particularly when combined with a standard topcoat. By serving as a physical reservoir, the coating is self-healing if it is ever scratched or gouged.

Ready to give your customers the solution they’ve been searching for? Contact us at 754.222.4919 or request a sample kit to learn more about this new breakthrough in corrosion prevention.