The Energy Industry

At EonCoat, we’ve spent years studying one of the biggest lurking threats in the energy industry: rust. While a little bit of rust may seem like a mild inconvenience, over time the buildup of rust will cut your equipment’s life span far too short. Long-term protection of your energy equipment is vital to the conservation of both money and resources. The longer your equipment runs smoothly, the larger your return on investment — and ultimately, your bottom line.

EonCoat protects energy assets like tanks and pipelines. Our inorganic coating contains no VOCs or toxins and is environmentally friendly. Applied as an oil and gas protective coating, EonCoat can add years of operation to your energy equipment and vehicles.  

EonCoat is successfully in use around the world — on everything from oil storage tanks in China to offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. Some of the world’s largest energy companies are using EonCoat every day to protect their equipment from rust and prolong its efficiency.

Oil and Gas Protective Coating

What sets us apart from other steel protection methods? EonCoat is an industrial carbon steel coating that forms an amorphous magnesium iron phosphate layer, chemically bonding to steel. This alloy layer serves as the first line of protection against corrosion. A ceramic layer on top offers the second line of defense, creating a reservoir of corrosion protection for your equipment.

In addition to the anti-corrosive benefits of EonCoat, it prospers as an environmentally-friendly, inorganic material with no toxins or VOCs. We know how important it is for businesses in the energy industry to show their commitment to the environment — and we’re just as committed to sustainability. As an energy advocate, you can feel good about using EonCoat’s inorganic steel coating to help your steel assets better fuel your business.  

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