Both onshore assets and offshore assets benefit from the unmatched corrosion protection EonCoat delivers in marine environments. Whether protecting a marine terminal and its docks  from the ravaging effects of salt water or guarding offshore oil & gas platforms against the brutality of the ocean’s corrosive touch, EonCoat delivers unmatched protection against salt, brackish and fresh water both above and below the waterline.

Ships and boats can benefit from EonCoat’s protection. Above the waterline EonCoat shields a vessel from the combined effects of wind and water.  And in areas where crew and guests live and work, EonCoat’s antimicrobial protection delivers documented health benefits to everyone who comes on board. While below the waterline, EonCoat protects a ship’s hull from the corrosive certainty of constant seawater immersion.  In the engine room and beyond, corrosion is prevented before it can wreak havoc on machinery and equipment.