You read about it every day. Corrosion crumbling railways, deteriorating the rebar in roads and causing bridges to spall as the structural steel inside displaces concrete. And then the stories always go on to tell how much money is spent on unsuccessfully slowing corrosion to infrastructure each year.

There is a better way.

With EonCoat, infrastructure can be protected. Government budgets – and tax payers’ wallets – don’t have to take a hit from perpetual costly maintenance overruns. Infrastructure can be coated once and then left untouched for the lifetime of the asset. No longer does the endless cycle of blast, coat, corrode have to play in a perpetual loop.

With EonCoat, infrastructure can be coated once and then kept in service for decades. Savings can immediately be obtained with faster and less expensive surface preparation and application costs. In place assets are returned to service faster than if traditional surface preparation and coatings are applied. Year after year no additional funds will be spent on such maintenance. And everything is backed by a 30 year material replacement cost warranty from EonCoat.

And if your organization or government cares about the increased health and safety of employees, contractors and the public as a result of using an inorganic product with no VOCs, no HAPS, no odor, no flash point and zero flame spread, then EonCoat is your solution.

Learn more about making a commitment to sustainability by using Eoncoat.