The industrial world is no stranger to the destructive power of corrosion. Steel factory buildings corrode over time, and production equipment eventually succumbs to the same dark force. Industrial companies have always resigned themselves to blasting, repainting, and then watching the corrosion creep back in — only to do it all over again.

EonCoat ends this cycle.

Our expertly designed coating is the strongest way to protect your steel buildings and equipment from rusting into ruin far too soon. With EonCoat’s industrial protective coating, you can add years to your industrial investments.

Industrial Metal Coating

From paper mills to chemical plants — across a diverse range of manufacturing facilities — EonCoat stops corrosion in its tracks to keep your machinery running. Our coating strengthens production equipment. And EonCoat is the most effective industrial protective coating solution for industrial facilities in the fight against corrosion.

EonCoat not only provides protection, it also stands out as an environmentally friendly steel coating, containing no VOCs or toxins. As an inorganic industrial protective coating, it works to protect your equipment from corrosion and rust by bonding with the steel itself. EonCoat creates an amorphous magnesium iron phosphate layer, encased by a ceramic layer to give double layers of defense against corrosion. Your industrial equipment, machinery, and buildings will stand stronger — and last longer — with EonCoat’s advanced steel coating.

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