Corrosion Proof

Complete Protection

EonCoat prevents corrosion on carbon steel.  So complete is the protection, that it comes with a 30-year warranty.  With two levels of protection – the magnesium iron phosphate alloy layer and the outer ceramic layer – EonCoat will prevent your steel from corroding.

Alloys Steel To Prevent Corrosion

EonCoat works by combining with the surface of the steel to form an alloy layer of stable oxides.  Once the steel’s surface is stable (the way gold and silver are stable) the steel will no longer react with the environment to corrode.

The EonCoat System

EonCoat is spray applied using a standard plural component industrial pump system.  The coating is applied at a thickness of 20 mils and dries in minutes allowing for rapid return to service of a steel asset.  The surface preparation required is far less than that needed for traditional polymer coatings.  A polysiloxane topcoat or sealer is applied over the EonCoat to further enhance performance and appearance.


See the Corrosion Test results here.


The following training video provides detail on the surface preparation, necessary equipment and application of EonCoat: