Chemical Resistant Barrier

EonCoat is a highly effective barrier to chemicals that would otherwise damage steel.  When exposed to chemicals on the base side of the pH scale, EonCoat records very low reactivity.  Exposure to chemicals with a pH between 6 and 12 often records no reaction at all.  When EonCoat is subjected to chemicals on the acid side of the pH spectrum, reactivity is also very low.  Only long-term exposure to acids with a pH of less than 2 (hydrochloric, acetic or sulfuric acid) causes significant damage to the coating.   The effect of such strong acids on EonCoat can be prevented with the use of an appropriate polysiloxane topcoat or sealer.

Chemical Resistance Confirmed In Testing

A test protocol was established that included square steel plates, 2” x 2” in size and 1/8” thick.  Each test coupon was immersed in a chemical for five days, as reflected in the matrix below.  After 5 days of chemical immersion, the panels were removed from the chemical and tested for coating degradation.


The corresponding result for each chemical is as follows:

Chemical Resistance Test Results
Immersion Chemical Resistance Result
Xylene Excellent
Phenol Excellent
Methanol Excellent
IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) Excellent
25% Salt Solution Excellent
37.5% Salt Solution Excellent
Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Good
50% NaOH Solution Poor