Antimicrobial Protection

EonCoat delivers antimicrobial protection unmatched by corrosion resistant coatings.  The reason for EonCoat’s unique antimicrobial properties is based in the chemistry of EonCoat’s ceramic layer.  This layer – with an extremely high pH level – is inhospitable to microbial growth.  When a microbe comes in contract with the ceramic layer, the moisture in the organism causes a tiny amount of phosphate to leach from the surface of the ceramic.  And the high pH in that tiny amount of phosphate creates an environment where the potentially harmful microbe – bacteria, fungus, protozoa, virus – cannot survive.

Independent testing by MicroStarLab in Crystal Lake, Illinois confirmed the antimicrobial properties of EonCoat.  When the JIS Z 2801:2010 test method was used, the value of antimicrobial activity (R) was 3.85 and the percent reduction in the presence of viable bacteria (MRSA Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus ATCC # 43300) was reduced by 99.986%.

For steel surfaces that must be protected from corrosion and must be in close proximity to humans or animals – such as offshore oil platforms, ships crew quarters, railroad car compartments and livestock feed areas – EonCoat both prevents rust and eliminates unwanted bacteria, viruses, fungus and other microbes.