Abrasion Resistant Coating

EonCoat is highly abrasion resistant and protects your assets in the toughest environments.  From oil storage tanks to gas pipelines, from floating roofs to industrial equipment, EonCoat protects your steel from real-world abrasion.  No traditional epoxy barrier coating can match the true ceramic protection of EonCoat.

More Abrasion Resistant Than Epoxies

EonCoat is a true ceramic coating and like most ceramics, it provides a very hard surface that does not scratch easily. Abrasion tests conducted on a Taber machine, using an abrasive wheel rotating against a coated panel show that the number of cycles to get .001” wear for most polymer paints is about 75 cycles, and for an ordinary epoxy it is about 125-250 cycles. To get the same amount of wear in EonCoat it takes >1200 cycles.


Taber Test Result:
Coating: Cycles on Taber to Achieve 1 mil of Wear
Most Paints / Coatings 75 Cycles
Epoxy Coatings 125-250 Cycles
EonCoat >1200 Cycles