EonCoat is proud to have been nominated for the MP Readers’ Choice Corrosion Innovation of the Year Award.

Materials Performance (MP) is the world’s largest circulation journal dedicated exclusively to corrosion prevention and control.Their website describes their affiliation with NACE International as:

MP readers include more than 16,000 members of NACE International, the recognized leader in the corrosion field, and other nonmember subscribers. Through NACE affiliation, MP readers actually set the standard for corrosion control practices and technology.

This is the first time they’ve asked their reader’s to nominate and vote on a corrosion innovation, based on the following criteria:

  • Innovations should go beyond marginal improvements to current products, services, methods, and techniques.
  • We are looking to showcase groundbreaking technological advances in all industries that directly relate to corrosion prevention and mitigation…

We are so proud that as a young company, we have been included for consideration by such a leading publication in the corrosion field.

There’s still time to vote until February 15! Learn more about and vote for the nominees here.

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