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Metal Corrosion Protection for the Energy Industry & Beyond

For those who have millions of dollars in carbon steel assets, EonCoat prevents corrosion where it matters most. The energy, marine, infrastructure, industrial, and heavy equipment industries all rely on the patented technology of EonCoat to protect carbon steel investments. A few examples of EonCoat in action include:

  • Energy – From offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, to fuel oil pipelines in China, to oil storage tanks on the Gulf Coast, to natural gas lines in Florida — EonCoat is protecting steel assets and boosting the bottom line of energy companies across the globe.
  • Industrial – EonCoat keeps factory machinery running by preventing corrosion. The steel protection coating keep pumps, boilers, tanks, compressors, heaters, reactors, turbines, and more from corroding.
  • Infrastructure – With EonCoat, infrastructure can be coated once with metal corrosion protection and then kept in service for decades. This saves money on maintenance and upkeep.
  • Heavy equipment – Protect these costly capital investments with EonCoat’s industrial metal coatings. EonCoat protects heavy equipment by making it impervious to corrosion while greatly increasing abrasion resistance and chemical resistance beyond where traditional coatings can go. EonCoated equipment also has zero flame spread and no ignition point.
  • Marine – Whether protecting a marine terminal and its docks from the ravaging effects of salt water or guarding offshore oil & gas platforms against the brutality of the ocean’s corrosive touch, EonCoat delivers unmatched steel corrosion protection coatings. EonCoat’s antimicrobial protection delivers documented health benefits to everyone who comes on board. While below the waterline, EonCoat protects a ship’s hull from the corrosive certainty of constant seawater immersion. In the engine room and beyond, corrosion is prevented before it can wreak havoc on machinery and equipment with EonCoat’s metal corrosion protection.

The Benefits of Industrial Metal Coatings

No matter what the industry, EonCoat delivers cost-saving and productivity benefits to customers worldwide. Cost savings are realized with faster, less expensive surface preparation and a faster return-to-service. Permanent metal corrosion protection and elimination of future surface preparation and application also brings significant cost savings to customers.

The 30-year product replacement warranty is the only one of its kind in the industry, and the inorganic product improves the health and safety of employees and the public with no VOCs, no HAPS, no odor, no flash point, and zero flame spread.

Let the steel corrosion protection coatings from EonCoat safeguard your most valuable investments — no matter what your industry.

Industries Served: