Abrasion Resistance Coating Improved Dramatically – Making EonCoat An Optimal Floor Coating

Our scientists have been hard at work increasing the toughness of the coating. It is now much more abrasion resistant than a year ago. This week’s test showed numbers above 1300 Wear Cycles per mil and there is every indication this will improve further in the next few weeks.

This opens up an entirely new set of applications for EonCoat. Many of you have asked about EonCoat as a floor coating, and we had not been supportive of that application because our wear resistance was around 700 wear cycles per mil and we knew that the very best floor epoxies were around 1200. We wanted to wait until we were at least as good as the best epoxies. We’ve reached that level and it is very likely we will surpass it within weeks as we optimize our new formula. We anticipate that we will pass the best floor epoxies, for hardness, by a lot. So stay tuned….

This makes EonCoat the optimal floor coating: quick drying, no hazards, and extreme wear resistance.

Stay tuned for more success stories from the lab. The scientists are working hard and we’ll have more news soon.