Corrosion Resistant Coating With Fast Return To Service

It goes without saying that the ability to protect costly assets from corrosion is a priority when choosing an industrial coating. But we were surprised to learn, that for some industries the protection qualities are important, but return to service is critical. For instance, in the Oil and Gas industry, refineries cannot find themselves in the unenviable position of having to stop production because tanks are “down for maintenance.” If the oil is coming in, they must have tanks ready. That’s simply one industry and one example, but it turns out the combination of return to service and unbeatable corrosion protection puts EonCoat at the top of the list for many companies.

But just “how fast is fast?” EonCoat is dry to the touch in about 5-10 minutes, but simply stating that fact doesn’t necessarily convey the speed with which the coating dries. To help with that, we put together a short, two minute video mixing a small amount of Part A with Part B. In less than a minute the mixture goes from a liquid state to a solid. See for yourself just how fast, “fast” can be.