Corrosion Resistance Demonstration

I realize it’s been a long time since we’ve updated everyone with the goings on here at EonCoat, and I sincerely apologize. 2013 turned out to be an incredible break-through year for us and we’ll have many exciting announcements to make about coating advancements, and the company, in the coming months.

Meanwhile we’ve been hard at work creating some new materials that help to explain the disruptive effect EonCoat corrosion resistant coating will have across so many industries.

Here is a video that in just a few short minutes demonstrates how EonCoat protects steel, not only with the ceramic layer you can see but, with a passive layer you can’t. I don’t really need to explain much more than that. Watch the video and you’ll see why we’re so excited about the future.

Stay tuned. We’ll have more updates coming soon.