About the Company

EonCoat, LLC is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina adjacent to North Carolina State University in the technology region known as ‘The Research Triangle’. EonCoat is a technology company and not a paint merchant. EonCoat manufactures and sells its patented EonCoat® anti-corrosive coating to large industrial customers throughout the world. EonCoat is focused on preventing corrosion on a wide scale, and the company only works with corporations of significant size, often those that are publicly traded with multinational operations.

In addition to direct corporate accounts managed by EonCoat, LLC, the EonCoat anti-corrosive coating is also sold in various parts of the world through a tightly controlled network of independent distributors. Only applicators trained and certified by EonCoat are authorized to apply the coating.

EonCoat is only for use on carbon steel. The company’s policy is to require a licensed NACE Level 3 inspector to certify that both the surface preparation and application of EonCoat are done in accordance with industry and company standards.

EonCoat does not sell its product to individuals. Nor does the company ship product to those who are not experienced with plural component systems and trained and certified by EonCoat, LLC.

EonCoat’s market focus is the energy industry, and the company actively services customers in North America, Europe and Asia.

If you work for a large industrial company and have a wide scale need for corrosion protection—and a budget to make that a reality—contact EonCoat at 754.222.4919 today so that an EonCoat executive can work with you to solve your company’s corrosion problem.

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