Hello Coating Labor $avings

Labor Savings Using EonCoat

There are many benefits associated with using EonCoat for your next coating project. Instead of discussing all of them, let’s look at one benefit that can save you money– labor costs with EonCoat!

Unlike other coating options, EonCoat only requires one coat (up to 1/2″ coating) and can be applied in approximately 12% of the time required by other options. Let’s look at an example.

Exterior Industrial Equipment

As an example, let’s say you have to apply 10,000 sq ft of coverage at a final, dry thickness of 12 mils to protect your exterior industrial equipment. In a typical application, EonCoat can be sprayed at a rate of 800 sq ft per hour (at a thickness of 6 mils).

For this example, we see the following required hours: 10,000 sq ft / 800 sq ft (EonCoat application per hour) = 12.5 hours at 6 mils 12.5 x 2 (to achieve 12 mils) = 25 hours (does not include prep time for simple clean/brush blasting)

How does that compare to your current coating options?