Testing & Certification

EonCoat vs The Other Guys

After 18 months at NASA's Beachside Corrosion Test Facility on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, EonCoat outperformed leading brands including Sherwin-Williams, Carboline and PPG.

Testing & Certification

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Salt Chamber Test Results

To test EonCoat’s corrosion resistance, a 45 day test was initiated. Details below:

We placed Q panels side by side in our corrosion chamber modeled on NASA’s sea spray test, an extremely aggressive corrosion test.

  • Samples were placed in the chamber beneath an actual seawater spray (not a salt fog) that lasted 12 hours/day.
  • The other 12 hours of each day the samples were exposed to an intense multi-spectrum light (a grow light).
  • The leading brand was showing signs of corrosion by day 15 and was severely corroded by the 45th day.
  • The EonCoated plate remained impervious to the salt spray (except on the scribe (gouge) line).

EonCoat Testing & Certifications

EonCoat has undergone years of private testing prior to its commercial availability and is continually tested by EonCoat scientists as well as third party organizations.



Cyclic Polarization Curves

Cyclic polariazation curve for EonCoat in comparison with mild steel, stainless steel 304, and Hastelloy.

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NASA Evaluation For Environmental Risk Mitigation

Validation of environmentally preferable coatings for launch facilities.

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Effects of Corrosion & Fatigue On Rail Performance

Effects of combined corrosion and fatigue on rail performance.

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