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Carlos DeOro – Operations Manager of EonCoat

Carlos DeOro

Carlos DeOro brought a wealth of experience and knowledge with him when he joined EonCoat in 2019! He has been a serial entrepreneur, certified ASE Master Automotive Technician, and a highly respected Automotive Repair Instructor for several years.

As a serial entrepreneur, Carlos brings a combination of vision, practical leadership, and energy that keeps things always moving forward with a customer focus that is unparalleled. He has started, built, and grown several e-commerce businesses with no seed or investment capital and quickly turned them into successful companies that produced 6-digit revenues. He has had experience with Logistics, Export and Import, and Lean Manufacturing.

On a daily basis, Carlos works collaboratively with EonCoat’s global network of Distributors, Field Sales Representatives, and customers. His technical knowledge base and ability to teach anything to anyone are two skills that he enjoys exercising daily, especially when he gets to train new customers and distributors to apply EonCoat. He receives great job satisfaction in seeing someone new to EonCoat have a smile spread across their face as they apply, measure, and then watch EonCoat cure so quickly that it can be touched in minutes.

Internally at EonCoat, Carlos leads the team. His hands-on approach finds him starting every day with a team meeting to assess progress and needs related to projects and processes moving forward. His eye is always on eliminating barriers to employees working safely and following lean manufacturing principles, all while his team is creating both the best customer interface and EonCoat product.

Carlos’ dedication to Customer Success has prompted him to provide his personal cell number as a standard part of his signature line, and he is always available on WhatsApp to answer application questions. Anyone at EonCoat will also tell you that if it means a customer’s needs are met, Carlos will lace up his steel-toe boots and jump into the manufacturing process to help ensure on-time delivery of EonCoat to a customer.