Part 2 of Billy George’s 8,840-mile road trip finds him in Canada showcasing  EonCoat for potential clients and customers.

Saturday & Sunday July 16-17

Well it is always an adventure getting through customs in this day and age! Once I finally made it into Canada and got all settled in I began to prepare for the next few weeks that will all be spent on the land of our friends to the North.

Monday, July 18

Finalizing preparations for a meeting tomorrow in Calgary – the largest city in the Province of Alberta.

Tuesday, July 19

Met with some great folks in Calgary who are very excited about EonCoat and looking to potentially become a new customer and distributor of the product. Left them with some brochures and a few 18-gallon kits to perform a demo using the bazooka spray.

Wednesday, July 20

Heading from Calgary into the Saskatchewan Province’s largest city – Saskatoon – to meet with a corporation that has a presence in seven countries. They are extremely anxious to monitor the performance of EonCoat in one of their production plants in hopes in can be a coating solution a large number of their plants.

Thursday, July 21

Met with some great folks here at the plant in Saskatoon and have plans to return tomorrow to complete this demo. I left my pump, hoses, tool kit, drill motor, mixing paddles and 2 empty buckets – that’s how much I liked them!

Friday, July 22

Unfortunately we ran into some mechanical issues with the spray equipment today, but everyone here was so anxious to complete the demo that I will be back next week to finish it.

Saturday & Sunday July 23-24

Heading to Ann Arbor, Michigan to set up for a spray to get our NSF Certification. Then I’ll hop on a plane back to Saskatoon to complete the demo I began earlier in the week.


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