Industries Served

Corrosion Protection For The Energy Industry & Beyond

For those who have millions of dollars in carbon steel assets, EonCoat prevents corrosion where it matters most.  Tank farms, natural gas pipelines, fuel oil storage facilities….when it comes to protecting mission critical steel assets, EonCoat is the preferred provider to the energy industry.

EonCoat delivers the following benefits to customers worldwide:

  • Cost savings with faster and less expensive surface preparation and application
  • Cost savings with faster return to service
  • Application in a far wider temperature, humidity and weather range
  • Cost savings with permanent corrosion protection
  • Cost savings by eliminating the need for future surface preparation and application
  • The protection of a 30 year product replacement warrantee
  • Increased health and safety of employees, contractors and the public as a result of using an inorganic product with no VOCs, no HAPS, no odor, no flash point and zero flame spread
  • Increased protection of surrounding assets by eliminating overspray to surrounding equipment


Industries Served: